Crafting items are Horadric Cube reagents used in Resurgence Crafting Recipes. All of these items can be found from Act 2 Normal on wards.

All areas in Act 5 Hell as well as the following super unique monsters have greater chances of dropping crafting materials:

  • Ancient Kaa the Soulless (Kaa is found in one of the false tombs at the very end of Act Two. He's never in the true tomb, but is instead always in the one large false tomb).
  • Witch Doctor Endugu (Endugu is found on the third level of the Flayer Dungeon).
  • Coldcrow (Coldcrow is found on the first level of The Cave, a dungeon area below the Cold Plains in Act One).
Item Item Rarity Item Code(s)
Blessed Crystal Common

cf4 - Crystal

Regal Crystal Uncommon

cf6 - Crystal

Divine Crystal Rare

cf2 - Crystal

C prism
Chaos Prism Rare cx2
C cube
Strange Cube Rare cx3
C worldstone
Worldstone Fragment Very rare cx4
C demonic
Demonic Essence Rare cx5
C alchemist
Alchemist Stone Rare cx6
Hollowed Ore ? cz1

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