Resurgence has introduced a bevy of new crafting items. To help players manage their inventories and crafts, it also gives players access to the following items that improve the player's crafting experience.

Horadric Vessels Edit

Horadric Vessels are items that allow for the storage of crafting components (unique per type of component). Think of these as magic bags of holding limited to a specific item type (e.g. Perfect Ruby, Blessed Crystal, etc.). Place a Horadric Vessel of a certain type in the Horadric Cube along with one or multiple items of the same type and hit Transmute to store them in the vessel. Place the Horadric Vessel in the Horadric Cube alone and hit Transmute to withdraw 1 item from the vessel. The Horadric Vessel is obtainable from Larzuk at Nightmare and Hell difficulty.

Horadric Catalyst Edit

The Horadric Catalyst serves as a "salvaging" option for Gems and Runes. By cubing a single Gem or Rune the Horadric Catalyst grinds the item into their respective essences. Gems and Runes can then be extracted from the Catalyst by purchasing the relevant Rune or Gem Extractor from the Vendor NPCs. Extractors are not free and the conversion rate for essences flowing out from a Catalyst is greater than for essences flowing in. Players are advised to be cautious of using this method for inventory efficiency!

Rune and Gem Extractors Edit

When Cubed in Conjunction with a Horadric Catalyst they allow for the extraction of a Rune or Gem from the Catalyst. The price of the extraction is paid in Rune or Gem Essence, plus the fee to purchase the extractor from the Vendor NPC (extractors can be used multiple times).

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