• Missile weapon quantity is no longer decreased when skills other than the basic Attack (the only exception is Strafe which cannot be fixed to not consume missiles upon use).
  • You are no longer required to be within 90 yards to receive party experience, anywhere within that zone is sufficient to receive party experience.
  • Running no longer reduces your Defense.
  • Running no longer reduces your chance to Block.
  • Base mana regeneration for all classes has been increased from 0.83% per second to 2.22% per second.
  • Health and Mana gained upon levelling up has been slightly adjusted for all classes.

Set items Edit

  • All end game class-specific sets have been revamped.
  • Ten new sets have been created.

Unique items Edit

  • A large number of existing uniques have been remodeled, with a focus on improving rare but relatively useless items.
  • Over 150 new unique items have been created, many with unique item art.

Gems and runes Edit

  • The majority of gems and runes have had their socketed properties modified.

Monster Changes

  • Monster immunities in the majority of the game have been removed. Note that rare monsters that spawn as Fire/Cold/Lightning Enchanted can become immune to that element.
  • New monsters have been introduced in Act 5 on Nightmare and Hell difficulty levels.
  • The progression for monster levels in areas has been increased starting from Act 5 Nightmare.
  • Abbadon, Infernal Pit, and Pit of Acheron in Act 5 have had their monster levels increased significantly.
  • A new end-game area has been introduced called the Killing Fields. It can be accessed by going to Act 1 Hole Level 2.

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