For the updated stats on all the Nephalem's Valor charms, please look at the list of unique items for your specific class.

Nephalem's Valor: R1.1 release versions and sacrificial items

Nephalem's Valor charms have been introduced! These drop from Hell Baal and allow players to specialize their class. Original Reddit Post from R1.1 Fohg.

Once obtaining your class-specific base Nephalem's Valor charm, you must sacrifice one out of three of the following relevant Uniques in order to ascend to new powers.


Slayer: Carnage Heart, Malevar The Wicked, Steelrend

Titan: Stone Crusher, Verdungo's Hearty Cord, Doombringer

Conqueror: Arreat's Face, The Grandfather, Primal Scream


Templar: Templar's Might, Kajas Moleventus, Auyver's Gift

Guardian: Aegis of the Order, Zahhak's Entombment, Gerke's Sanctuary

Justicar: Executioner's Justice, Alma Negra, Herald of Zakarum


Destructionist *image coming soon*: La Mort Noire, Pompeii's Wrath, Fayamyr

Shaman: Dragonbreath, Ancestral Guardian, Ursus Maji

Cerberus: Cerebus' Bite, Hybrid Vigor, Hammer of Gaul


Arcanist: Edyrem Artifice, Edyrem Odyssey, Transcendence

Mage: Equilibrium, Ormus' Robes, Kira's Guardian

Clairvoyant: The Beauty, Divine Dream, Silkweave


Occultist: Warlock's Ward, Blackhand Key, Mendeln's Rapture

Diabolist: Cage of Torment, Soul Taker, Dracul's Grasp

Warlock: Boneshade, Shadow Resonance, Darkforce Spawn


Matriarch: Stoneraven, The Pillar of Faith, Valkyrie Wing

Deadeye: Lycander's Aim, The Cat's Eye, Dahane's Dowry

Ranger: Aspect of the Thief, Fleet Feet, Tomb Raider


Reaper: Bartuc's Cut-throat, Dushara's Hand, Blade of the Abyss

Viper: The Noxious Zephyr, Arioc's Needle, Hand of the Serpent Queen

Saboteur: Ingenuity, Echoes of Evelle, Draincatchers